The band, headed by singer and songwriter Maia Pillot, breathes a vibrant life into the tracks with her captivating voice. “Home,” the first glimpse off the upcoming record is easily on my year end list for 2014.

The group which is fronted by New York based Maia Pillot, takes off in every way possible. Despite the record only being 7 songs (my only complaint is that it left me craving more of this sensational new band!), it delivers in a big way. The album opener “I Would” is memorable with soft and gentle melodies that grace the song. This theme carries from track to track as each one is more touching than the last. Songs like “Come Back,” will make you float on clouds, with a tinge of Norah Jones reminiscent in the vocals. Maia & the Pilots also have a fascinating cover of R Kelly’s “Remix to Ignition,” which somehow is smooth and perfect in its delivery.

”The musicianship on “Taking Off,” comes off as more of a seasoned band than one who is just releasing their debut. Maia & The Pilots have a bright future ahead of them.
— Buzznet
Maia & The Pilots are a prominent new band that resides in Brooklyn. Singer-songwriter Maia Pillot writes engaging songs that are along the likes of Jenny Lewis and Feist.
— Kay Arons,
Maia & the Pilots are a promising new indie outfit that hails from the ever budding New York scene.”

”7-tracks grace the album, which come to life immediately. Singer and frontwoman Maia Pillot’s voice is like a dream. Heavenly yet prominent with the notes in all the right places. I instantly gravitated towards the band upon hearing their first single, “Home,” which shined through like a ray of sunshine. Taking Off does not disappoint. From the heartfelt “I Would,” to the back to basics “I Can’t Hate You,” to the vibrant “Ignition Remix” (yes the R. Kelly track), Pillot and co. are ready to take center stage. For those who enjoy the sounds of such indie Goddesses as Feist and Jenny Lewis, this record is for you.
— Got My Head in the Clouds
Maia Pillot has a quiet fire inside of her, the voice of an angel and the soul of a poet. The place she drops into when she sings is very compelling. You can hear a pin drop when she sings her songs because I think people are trying to get to the place she goes to when she sings and one needs to listen very carefully to follow her path in... In addition to all of that the band is incredible. I enjoyed every moment.
— Marion Loguidice, Songwriter